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What's The Word?

Updated: Apr 9

Are you busy making New Year's Resolutions? Are you tired of them being totally thrown out the window before the end of January?

Yea, me too.

That's why, a few years back, I got on the "word of the year" bandwagon. It's where instead of making a bunch of New Year's resolutions that never stick, it's a simple process that requires you to pick a word, just ONE word, that encapsulates the goals you want to set and achieve for the year.

The first year, I picked the word "intentional". Because I felt I needed to be that - intentional in my actions, words, relationships, etc.

Ya know?

I liked that word, and I even came up with this graphic to hand in my office to remind me each day, to be "intentional" in everything that I did.

The next year, I picked "cultivate". I was at a point where I had planted lots of seeds, and I wanted to focus my time on cultivating those seeds. Seeds had been planted with my business, the people who had entrusted me as a leader on our team, and seeds to start and grow my charity. That year, I focused on cultivating the things (relationships, really) that would help the seeds I had planted to grow bigger and more healthy.

Last year, my word was "ask". According to Oprah, "You get in life what you have the courage to ASK for". This really resonated with me as I sought out my word that year. I felt as though there were still things I was really craving and dreaming about, but sometimes just had the fear of the "ask". Having this word at the top of my vision board last year, it helped me overcome my fear of "the ask", and it TOTALLY helped me get outside of my comfort zone, and low and behold, some great things did happen in 2018!

Then this year, the struggle started again, with the pressure of finding just the right word to carry me into and through 2019.

Cuz, you know, this word is gonna be with me all year long, right? So it had better be good. And it better match with my goals of what I want to accomplish, because 12 months goes by WAY too fast, the older I get, and I have a lot of work to accomplish in my years left on this planet!

I started to think about it this way -- What did I accomplish last year that I was proud of, and what were the steps that I took to get there?

What did I leave on the table, and what could I do differently in the coming year?

What behaviors or mindsets are holding me back?

What is the word that I can look at each day, to remind me of my goals and dreams?

I don't have any problems with things like "belief" or "positivity" -- I'm pretty good there, because I believe fully in what I'm doing, and I'm a pretty optimistic person overall.

So I thought about the word "consistent". Lord knows that is a biggie for me. I need to be more consistent in lots of areas. I need to consistently write this blog. I need to be consistent with working my business. I need to consistently go to church. I need to consistently call my girls and check in with them. I need to consistently tell my husband I love him and he's appreciated. Consistency breeds success, it's not rocket science.

I thought about "Purposeful". I need to make sure every day, everything I do, it ultimately has a good purpose and will help me reach my goals.

I though about "Clarity" (get clarity on what I want to accomplish), "Elevate" (I want to elevate others to help them succeed, and of course, I want to elevate and grow myself), "Impact"(duh - I always want to do this, so I don't need a daily reminder - it's just in my bones that way!), "Refine"(I have lots of things on my plate, all good things, but my processes could use some help to be more efficient).

But what I realized all of these things really say, and what I fear the most, is my ability to procrastinate and do the easy, fun things first. I leave the hard things until the end, when I'm scrambling, and then I get stressed out. And it's totally ALL my fault! Ugh! I hate this about myself, but I KNOW that I can improve. I think alot of this stems from my hidden desire for perfection. I hold myself to a high standard, and I overthink things all the time.

Sometimes I just need to let go, and do it. Do the work. Don't waste hours and hours and days and weeks on that one post, that blog story, that one email, that language that will be the perfect words to flip the switch in my favor. It's about progress over perfection. Itty bitty steps each day, even if they are imperfect.

So, I decided that I couldn't just stick with ONE word. It really was more like a phrase that I need to work on. If I do this one thing, I believe, it will help me accomplish ALL of the goals I have for 2019.

So here it is --

Just Take Action.

And you wanna know the first thing I'm doing in 2019 that's following my phrase?

Writing this blog. Writing it, not overthinking it, not over-editing it 48 times. Just writing from my heart and whatever my little fingers type out. Then, I'm gonna post it and be done, then move on to the next thing.

There. It's done, and I feel FABULOUS!

Just. Take. Action.

That's it my friends, here's to 2019, the best year yet!

Keep Hustlin'

Stay Happy,

xoxo, Janette



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