• Janette

It's Okay to Want More

Updated: Apr 9

Have you ever felt uncomfortable admitting that you'd like to have MORE of something?

More money, more free time, more "me" time?

More fun, more fulfillment, more achievement?

Or maybe just more cute shoes or handbags?

We're conditioned to believe that wanting MORE is selfish. That somehow, it means we aren't grateful for what we have. We're often judged for wanting more, sometimes putting this judgement on ourselves. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and tell ourselves "I don't deserve to have more".

I'm here to tell you -- don't go there.

Let's try a little shift of your mindset. Because it's okay to want more. It's not about having MORE, so that everyone else has LESS. And it's not about being ungrateful for what you have.

It's about HAVING more, so that you can GIVE more.

I attended my company's national convention last week in New Orleans, and left there feeling EMPOWERED. Empowered to BECOME more, DO more, DREAM more, GIVE more.

Allow me to give you a little taste of what that looked like ---

Rachel Hollis, best-selling author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who empowered us to believe in ourselves and take control of their lives. "You did not come this far, to only come this far. You are worth of wanting something MORE". Right on, Rachel. Your spunk and authenticity made for a totally hilarious, dope, motivating session. An empowering hour of my life I will NEVER forget.

Hearing stories and seeing the IMPACT that thousands of Consultants are making in the lives of others again confirms my belief that my business is more than just skincare. It's an extremely powerful vehicle that allows regular people, to do extraordinary things. It inspires and empowers me beyond words.

I have an incredible team of like-minded women, we are called Team IMPACT. We are gonna do BIG things together, so don't you think I was all over taking this picture? 100% !!!

Have you heard of Mel Robbins and her book, The 5 Second Rule? She was our keynote speaker, and MAN was she incredible! She has studied the behavior of how we talk ourselves out of doing the things we KNOW we should do, because we hesitate and overthink things. Her simple formula - counting backwards from 5, then just DOING it before you talk yourself out of it. "5-4-3-2-1 - GO!" Talk about empowering!

"To be able to spend time with my family on my terms and not others, and the freedom of not having to worry about extra expenses that pop up." - Lisa D.

I am a BIG believer in vision boards, and the power they have to keep you focused, and working hard toward a big goal. So, you can bet your sweet patootie I was ALL over the opportunity to take a photo, picturing myself on a free trip to Mexico! Set goals, dream big, and visualize yourself there! No matter what your goals are -- stretch them to be a little bit bigger, and OWN them.

By stretching yourself to go after bigger goals, it gives you the ability to GIVE more. This is my jam, people. I have always been so blessed in so many ways in my life. I also realize I have the potential to do so much more, and to give back in bigger ways. I have the ability to create and leave a LEGACY, that will far outlive me. It takes grit and hard work. But if it means the difference between living a life that will go on to serve others, and just going through the motions? That's what leaving a legacy is all about. I want my life and my work to matter, long after I'm gone.

By living your best life, you have the ability to GIVE MORE of yourself to benefit others. Whether it's your family, your friends, your community, or those who might need your help getting through a tough time? Don't know about you, but I definitely want to live my best life, so I can love and serve others in the best way possible.

What if I could dream bigger, and want MORE so that I could devote time to MORE passion projects? I lay awake at night, dreaming about all the new ways we could help people through The Healing Chair. Or how I could help inspire someone to start their OWN charity that is near and dear to their heart. By wanting MORE, it allows me to go after those projects without fear or hesitation.

This year, I had a BIG goal for myself in my business. After 6 years of building a solid foundation, and growing both personally and professionally, I decided that I wanted MORE, because I knew I was meant for more. I was striving for a title promotion to be a Level V Leader, and I would get to wear a sparkly blue lanyard at our convention! And although the sparkly lanyard is pretty, this big goal was about WAY MORE than just the pretty lanyard. I'm happy to say, I met my goal, and have so many people to thank for helping me reach this goal! I was a happy girl when they put that sparkly lanyard around my neck in New Orleans! I was so proud to wear it, not because of the title, but because of what it REPRESENTS. It means that I worked hard to help MORE people be successful in this amazing business, MORE people believe in themselves, feel fulfilled and confident, and that I helped MORE people believe in their own dreams and their ability to do MORE and achieve MORE, too.

On the last night of convention, my business partner Miki and I had a chance meeting in our hotel elevator with Tonya, a 10-year veteran in our company, and one the top leaders who would be recognized on stage that evening. We had an nice chat, and started the walk to the gala across the street. She could have very easily left the elevator, and went along her way to her VIP seating area. But instead, she chose to pour into us, asking us questions, making us feel like we were the only people in the room. As we parted, we told her "good luck when you walk across the stage tonight, you look amazing!", to which she said -- "You will be there too someday. Don't EVER, ever, ever quit!". What a pinch-me, empowering moment with a beautiful human being.

The last and best part is this. We learned that in 10 years, we've raised over $10 million dollars for our Prescription For Change Foundation that supports at-risk youth in leadership and empowerment programs in 3 countries. This past March, I was able to serve alongside some of these students in the inner city of Chicago, with fellow Consultants and home office employees. These are now lifelong friends who continue to inspire and encourage me to

5-4-3-2-1 - Go For MORE!

Now THAT, my friends, is how dreaming and wanting MORE, is MORE than just OK. It's pretty dang awesome.

Keep Hustlin'

Stay Happy





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