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I'm Here! But Why?

Why in the world would I add blogging to my already full plate? Well....please allow me to share.....

I'm here, and I'm totally charting some new territory, blogging.

Yikes! I have no idea what I'm doing, and I'll admit this is outside my comfort zone. But you know what they say about that. So I'm just gonna do my thang, stumble a bit, and hopefully some good stuff will happen along the way.

First, why am I here in blog-land doing a blog?

Second, why am I HERE, here. Like why am I on the earth, what is my purpose and what does God want me to do with gifts He's given me?

So let's back up just a teensy bit.

It's no coincidence I'm launching this blog today, February 5th, 2018. You see, 10 years ago on this day, I was having a biopsy, and two days later, I found out I had breast cancer. I was 43 and healthy, I had 3 young daughters, no family history, and of course, it stopped me in my tracks.

From the moment of my diagnosis, I never wanted my journey to go to waste. I was determined to stay strong for my family, and to model the behavior I wanted my children to replicate in their own lives when they encountered sadness or disappointment. I was determined to teach them to be strong in their faith, be fearless, and never EVER quit.

I never really asked "Why me"? Honestly, I just thought "Well, what the hell, this sucks. Now what can we DO about this?"

The diagnosis and subsequent surgeries and treatments forced me to slow down, let go, and re-establish my priorities.

It helped me to do things outside of my comfort zone, and to say "no" to things that weren't helping me achieve my goals.

It taught me to be hopeful and optimistic no matter what, and that I'm in control of how I deal with my circumstances.

It put people in my path at the right time, and for the right reason.

Then, I started thinking that this mindset might help other people, too.

Based on these beliefs, and my passion for making a difference, I'm really excited to share "Hustle With a Happy Heart". A fun, happy platform that I'll update periodically that encompasses all the things that bring me joy, stories about people who inspire me, and the things that make me "me". A place where I hope you will feel inspired, motivated and empowered to do great things ---

To be kind and DO GOOD

To reach and DREAM BIG

To always LOVE & LAUGH

To work hard and BE YOUR BEST

I am TEN YEARS CANCER-FREE, and people, I wanna freakin' celebrate with you! Do you feel me?!


This is "Why I'm here".

Keep hustlin', stay happy,



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