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I'm Ready For My Closeup

Updated: Apr 9

And please! Bring that camera in a little closer!

Words I thought would NEVER, ever come out of my mouth. Until this past October, when I had the opportunity to be interviewed on camera as part of a 2-minute commercial on the Hallmark Channel about The Healing Chair.

I didn't actually SAY those words....but I felt confident enough that I COULD.

And that's the key word - CONFIDENT.

Here's the deal -- for years I wouldn't think of leaving the house without heavy foundation to cover up my acne and uneven skin tone.

I was self-conscience, and embarrassed. Looking back, I can see that this clearly impacted my ability to be my best self. Because I was too busy worrying about people looking at my acne, or the heavy makeup that was probably dripping off of my face in the hot, humid midwest summers. Ew, yes. It's really gross like that here.

Luckily, I found a solution that worked quite well for me for about 10 years - Proactiv Solution.

I was so freakin' happy that I didn't have ugly (and painful) pimples sprouting on a daily basis, that I actually thought my skin looked pretty good!

But -- I was still covering up my skin with heavy foundation.

By my early 40s, I was ready to ditch the teen skincare scene and treat myself to some big-girl skincare. So I went to Walgreens -- yea!

Um, no. Big mistake. After trying a bunch of drugstore anti-age products that caused MORE acne (seriously? I'm in my 40s..what the heck?), I asked my friend about Rodan + Fields, a new skincare line that she had recently shared with me. She told me the products were developed by the same doctors who had successfully treated my acne, but this new product line targeted aging skin.

At that moment, I seriously think I heard some angels singing in a little bit of a high-pitched voice.

I was super intrigued, and decided to try the products sight unseen. Actually, I did more than that. I bought a business kit and became an Independent Consultant. Kinda crazy, right? I'll share more about why I did that later.

So here's what happened to my skin. I started using the products, which were way more elegant and fancy than the drugstore stuff (and surprisingly, not that much more expensive), and I immediately loved the way my skin felt. With consistent use, I began to see the positive changes in the appearance of my skin when I looked in the mirror. And more importantly, it changed how I felt about myself. It gave me CONFIDENCE.

When I look at pictures of my "pre-Rodan + Fields" skin in August of 2012, I don't see acne (yea!), but I DO see sun damage, bumps, bags under my eyes, and deep creases in my forehead. You see what I'm talking about? But my photo from 2015 is proof that the products work. And when our skin changes like that, it gives us the CONFIDENCE to go outside, hold our heads high, and be the best that we can be, in anything and everything we do.

My story of a frustrated-adult-momma-40-something-with-hormonal-acne-and-sun-damage-and-bags-under-her-eyes is not unusual in the Rodan + Fields community.

Please allow me to share a couple of stories about two of my friends and business partners, and how the changes in their skin from these products has sparked renewed CONFIDENCE for them.

This is my friend Karen Scott, from Colorado. Here's what she had to say: "When I was a young teen in middle school I had acne and some boys teased me and called me 'diaper rash face'. It rattled my self confidence. I saw a dermatologist, and he prescribed oral medications that I couldn't take continuously. So, my breakouts always came back when the medications stopped. Unfortunately, this continued into my adult life, when as a newlywed, the words of my doctor really stung -- 'You know, you would be pretty if you would take care of your acne.' On top of my acne problem, sun damage and melasma crept up because sunscreen always broke my skin out. I was frustrated! I found Rodan + Fields in May of 2013. I started using the Reverse and Redefine regimens right away, and I can honestly say I like my skin better in my 50s than I did in my 20s or 30s! These products really do work! I wish I had these products when I was younger." I agree, Karen, you look amazing!

And here is Danielle Pakosta, my friend and business partner from Chicago. Here's what she had to say: "I never wanted to capture a 'before' picture for obvious reasons. Nothing I tried worked for my acne. Then, I discovered Rodan + Fields. I used the right ingredients, the right formulations, in the right order, and saw amazing results! I am now foundation-free because I am proud of my skin! What a difference six years makes with the right skincare! Rodan + Fields truly is Life-Changing Skincare!" You are truly aging backwards, my friend!

I see thousands and thousands of men, women and teens using the products, getting results like this, every day. Not only is their skin is changing, but their CONFIDENCE has been restored so that they can live life at their very best!

As I got ready for the filming of our Healing Chair commercial this past October, it hit me. I didn't need a bunch of heavy foundation to feel CONFIDENT in front of the camera. All I needed was great skincare, a little of my favorite R+F Mineral Peptides powder, and I was good to go. I left my house with my head held high, knowing my skin looked it best, feeling CONFIDENT, and ready for my closeup!

So friends, I'll leave you with this -- what if changing your skin could elevate your CONFIDENCE? What if elevating your CONFIDENCE empowered you to take a chance and do something BRAVE? What if doing something BRAVE allowed you to achieve what you thought was IMPOSSIBLE? What if you achieved something IMPOSSIBLE that actually made a difference in your own life, or in the lives of others?

If you feel what I'm saying, or this resonates with you, please reach out to me. I'd love to help you find a solution that could help you do the impossible.

Keep Hustlin',

Stay Happy,





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