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Free to Be, You & Me

Updated: Apr 9


When you hear that word, what comes to mind.....

The Statue of Liberty?

4th of July fireworks?

A cool George Michael song from the 90's?

Yesterday, we celebrated the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans -- The power to determine action without restraint. To live without imprisonment or enslavement. To worship, vote, live and work as we please.

THANK YOU to all those who serve and sacrifice daily, so that we can experience these rights. :)

On a personal level, freedom can mean different things, depending on your situation.

For example --

When my dog Lucy was a puppy, I can imagine the extreme JOY and FREEDOM she felt when she was able to spring with glee to get a peek over our fence to see what was going on over at the neighbors....

Turning 16 and finally being able to drive a car, without a parent in tow? Definitely FREEDOM to a teenager...

To my awesome husband, working hard all week long, so he can enjoy a day of FREEDOM on the golf course with his buddies....

To me, FREEDOM is about taking CONTROL of my life, my happiness, and my family's future. It's about being AVAILABLE for my family at any time. It's about taking a SPONTANEOUS vacation day or two, without asking permission from a boss. It's the opportunity to dream BIG DREAMS and just going for them. It's about surrounding myself with people who ENCOURAGE me and want success for me, without receiving any financial benefit for themselves. It's about spending my time doing things that are MEANINGFUL and IMPORTANT.

I decided to ask some of my close friends and business partners what freedom really means to them, and why it's important. I'd like for you to meet them and hear what they had to say...

"To be able to spend time with my family on my terms and not others, and the freedom of not having to worry about extra expenses that pop up." - Lisa D.

"To spend my time as I wish, and to be able to travel and show the world to my kids!" - Miki C.

"I have the freedom to spend my time how I want and where I want!" - Kristin T.

"I have the freedom to attend my kid's school & sports functions without taking any time off from a 9-5 job!" - Danielle P.

"I have the freedom to help my 85-year-old mother whenever and wherever she needs me." - Karen S.

"I have the freedom to step away early, on certain days from my full-time career to catch my kid's baseball and softball games. I don't wanna miss a moment!" - Angie S.

"I have the freedom to work my business alongside my 25+ corporate career, developing both personally & professionally, using the money I earn for additional family expenses and vacations." - Amy K.

"I have the freedom to work my business from anywhere. I can use the income to support my family and give back to organizations close to my heart." - Deb B.

"I have the freedom to work the business when, where and however it fits into my life. And it gives me the freedom to dream BIG!" - Kim F.

"I have the freedom to set my own goals...and to crush them!" - Katie P.

"I have the freedom to by my own boss." - Chelsea F.

"I have the freedom to be empowered and guide others towards their own self-empowerment." - Evona V.

"I have the freedom to buy as many shoes as I want and my husband can't say a damn word about it!" - Tiffany J.

Tiffany, you're awesome, thanks for being real, girl!

So why am I sharing all of this? Because I'm empowered and inspired by these amazing women who are my friends, my Rodan + Fields business partners. And I hope it will inspire you, too. Being part of this community and this company, it's one of the reasons I'm glad that I stepped outside the box, and chose a non-traditional career as an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields.

Being my own boss with Rodan + Fields allows me to get more out of life. I have the most insane amount of JOY and the FREEDOM to spend time with those I love, and giving back to others.

This takes courage, y'all. It takes patience, resilience and optimism. It takes grit and hard work. But if it means the difference between living a life well-lived, and just going through the motions? My friends, it's SO worth it.

Aren't you worth it, too?

Believe it or not, we ALL have the freedom to choose how we spend our time. We get to say "yes" and "no" to things as we choose. It took me a while to figure this out, but think I'm finally kinda getting it.

To get there, I had to ask myself some tough questions --

Am I spending my time on the things that really matter?

Am I spending time with people that lift up and encourage me?

I am doing what's best for ME and my FAMILY, not what others expect of me?

Do I really feel FREE to do what you believe I'm called to do and be?

After I took a hard look at how I answered these questions, I knew I had to look at things a little differently, and make some changes.

If you're searching for freedom, and the ability to be YOU without anyone's permission, I encourage you to make a CHANGE, make a CHOICE, so that you can have more OPTIONS.

I promise, it will be worth it.

Keep Hustlin'

Stay Happy





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