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Updated: Apr 9

I'm excited to introduce you to Shelley Wales, an amazing woman, fellow breast cancer survivor, and friend.

Shelley Wales works full time as Chapter Relations Manager for The Grant Professionals Association, but has another passion as the owner of a "Fight Like A Woman", uplifting gifting, encouragement for the journey!

Shelley has beautifully transformed her journey of struggle, fear and disappointment to help others in a very big way. I hope you will enjoy the words of Shelley, and how she turned her breast cancer journey into something good for others --

"One of the very first things I read after being diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2012 was that 'no one goes through cancer alone.' It was a comforting thought, not because I ever thought that I would feel alone, necessarily. I was blessed to have a wonderful and supportive circle of family, friends and coworkers to lean on.

But after spending several weeks researching the cancer treatment protocols, chemo and radiation side effects to expect, surgery options to decide upon and tips for managing a full-time job, marriage and parenting a four-year old at the time, the seemingly simple task of survival can become a daunting and somewhat isolating experience.

I quickly learned that I wasn’t the only one feeling isolated on this journey. My family and friends were also looking for ways to feel more in control of the situation. They felt challenged by how to support me, and struggled to find products to help me.

After completing treatment in 2013 I began thinking and searching for ways that I could help others in their fight so they, too, would never feel alone. Having always been interested in the idea of entrepreneurship, my first idea was to start a shop that sold all kinds of products for cancer patients and their families.

It was a bit overwhelming to consider starting such an endeavor from scratch, so when I shared my thoughts with a broker friend, he mentioned a client that was thinking of selling her business. A fellow breast cancer survivor, Deb Ritter, was looking to sell the Fight Like a Woman line that she had founded in 2005 so she could focus on her next endeavor, writing a book.

The “fight like a woman” rally cry was easy for me to get behind and I soon fell in love with the products and messaging developed by Deb. In 2015, my husband Corey and I bought the Fight Like a Woman brand from Deb, and today, we have made the products accessible via an online store, and to several retail outlets nationwide.

Cancer has done a lot of things to me, but one of the greatest ones is meeting women like Deb and Janette and many others who have shared a similar journey. They all inspire me to do better and not to give up. I believe in the strength of women helping women. I believe everyone can make a difference by being purposeful with their actions, and being thoughtful with our words. If I can help just a few people do that, then I will consider myself a success.

In honor of Janette’s wonderful milestone of 10 years cancer-free, I’d like to offer everyone a 10% discount on any purchase by entering the promo code “JS2018” at www.fightlikeawoman.com."

Shelley, thank you for sharing your story of resilience, passion, and how working hard through a difficult journey can go on to help so many others.

For my friends who are reading this, you should totally checkout the Fight Like A woman website! Shelley has some darling gifts that will bring joy, comfort and encouragement to any woman going through cancer, or any difficult time. By supporting her business, you will definitely make a difference for someone you love!

Keep Hustling',

Stay Happy,





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